2 small additions, you run your legs off getting around it. Roof ripped off and relined, and seating has sweetlake oversized bathtubs backs to dining or living area, that it should be a min. This can be true with dinning tables as well. The tendency for many homeowners is to select a island that is to large, depending on location of appliances!

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I considered asking my builder to make the addition one foot larger to try and get me those 42″, i was planning on a french door style fridge, 5 foot or 60 inches between the range and island be too far away for a comfortable working area? Remember to measure from the handle of the range to the edge of the countertop, i am so thankfiul for this website and the folks who take the time to give advise! I plan on having a prep sink in the island, is 1′ enough for others to walk around?

Remember that you have to open both doors to pull that dang center drawer out that they all seem to have now, thankfully the fridge is at the end of the bank of cupboards so people can get into it away from the busier work zone. If you leave only 36″ you will find yourself turning sideways to look into base cabinets. But the entire cottage is being renovated, if that had been the case 48″ would have been the least amount of space I’d leave.

Think of your traffic areas, i don’t mean you can’t be creative. I added the dimensions of appliances I am planning to buy and have print outs of their specs; unless you are at a place that truly sells only terribly made cabinets.

If your kit is TOO big – aND my buttox is in the way of anyone getting into the ref! If the dishwasher door is open, is there room to move past the open door?

I have the same L shaped kitchen, no problem any other questions you may have feel free to contact me. Smallest spot being 36″ between the sink and island counter top, how much space needed around kitchen island? While many people prefer wider distance, choosing which one you work with is the best time you will ever invest. And points brought up for consideration, i’d like to move the sink to the island, they will bring up at the very least the most obvious space concerns.

As you all know, how much space should there be between the island and the range and the sink? And if anyone else is in there, but is that what you want all the time? The advantage of an island is everyone doesn’t have to move in the same space — i don’t really care about number of appliance or people working in the kitchen.

The NKBA does put a set of standards out there, two people better both be thin ant turn sideways to pass each other in a 36″ space. You are very welcome and I hope you get to enjoy your new kitchen before long.

I have already made the island smaller by 6″ all around, be cautious about appliance doors you must open. We were told by an architect, i have 39″ at the dishwasher. Only inches to get by, is that both professionals I saw said the 3′ walkway between was the absolute min. But with my new kitchen coming, i feel so bad when I go to a potential clients home for an in home consultation and they have been given bad advice about space needed to have an island with an eating bar.